The Triune Self: Confessions of a Ruthless Seer by Mike Snider




The Triune Self contains the true account of Mike Snider’s cataclysmic spiritual awakening, and his own view that emerged as a result of it. This book is not spiritual champagne. It’s more like drinking moonshine straight out of a car radiator.

What I’m pointing out for you here took me a long time to find on my own, but maybe you won’t have to wallow with it as long as I’ve had to. This book can most certainly point out your True Nature, but when recognized, it will have to be actualized, and I can’t help you with that one.

My story is about my own recognition and actualization. I’ve had a blast revisiting the events to write this book, and recalling the fascinating odyssey I have been on. It was an expedition that kicked my ass, but it was definitely worth it!