Magic, White and Black by Franz Hartmann M.D.




From Magic, White and Black:

The only true religion is the religion of Love, and Love does not quarrel.
If you wish to progress on the road to perfection, take lessons in Love.

There is nothing higher than Man obtaining a perfect knowledge of Self. The beginning of all real knowledge is the knowledge of Self.

The renunciation of self is necessarily followed by spiritual growth.
The true religion of universal Love knows of no “self.” The greatest of all illusions is the illusion of “self.” Man’s only true friend and redeemer is the God he carries within himself. Belief in external gods strengthens the illusions of self.

God is good or evil according to the conditions under which he acts, for if God did not include evil as well as good, he would not be universal.

Nothing is permanent but the real ideal, the Truth. To know Truth in its fullness is to become alive and immortal. The highest state of spiritual consciousness is the full and complete realization of Divine Truth.

Thought is the creative power in the universe. Thought is the great power by which forms are called into existence. Concentration of thought gives shape to ideas and condenses the formless into forms. To give pure and perfect expression to thought is White Magic.

The knowledge of God and the knowledge of Man are ultimately identical. He who knows himself knows God. To learn to know God means to learn to know your own Divine Self.

All during his life, man creates the condition wherein he will live in the hereafter. Physical death is no gain. It cannot give us that which we do not already possess. We should enter the higher life now, instead of waiting for it to come to us in the hereafter.