Christ Sutras: The Complete Sayings of Jesus from All Sources Arranged into Sermons by Bart Marshall




Christ Sutras is a rare and unique work that masterfully weaves all the sayings we have of Jesus Christ into forty-two powerful, poetic topical sermons. Containing only the words of Jesus, Christ Sutras illuminates the deeper meaning of the sayings of Jesus found in the Bible, and also brings to light the secret sayings of Jesus found in twenty gospels that were left out of the New Testament. The words of Jesus found in these ancient, little-known gospels, including those discovered at Nag Hammadi in 1945, have been suppressed and hidden over the millennia, yet turn out to be the gospels that speak most directly to Jesus’ invitation to follow me.

Contained within theses pages are some of the most profound pointers to Truth ever voiced. Never before have the sayings of Jesus been presented in such an intimate, immediate, and revelatory way.

It is an extraordinary journey to arrive at a place you have known all your life and see it for the first time. This is the experience of reading Christ Sutras—ancient words you have heard since childhood expand and resonate with fresh, overpowering meaning, touching the deepest part of who you are. There is nothing new in this book, and yet it will change your life.