Ashtavakra Gita translated by Bart Marshall




The Ashtavakra Gita is the most instructive spiritual text ever written and should be read and re-read by any sincere seeker of Self-Realization. It gets to the heart of Truth and True Nature more directly and concisely than anything I’ve encountered, and I concur with its last words: “No more can be said.”

I call this the “bootleg version” because a PDF of my first draft of this translation, which I gave to a small group of friends, made its way onto the internet and subsequently was downloaded and read by a sizeable number of people, judging by the emails I’ve received thanking me for doing it, or requesting permission to translate it into their language—despite having no contact information in the PDF. Some even reported transformative experiences with it.

A few years later I included a slightly revised version as one of the ten texts in my book, The Perennial Way, which judging by sales has not reached nearly the same number of people. So I thought I’d publish this original version separately, on the theory that maybe it had its own mojo for some reason, and might find its way into the hands of seekers who have not otherwise encountered it.