The Real is not bound by time or space.
Nothing defines it as large or small.
A single thought spins ten thousand years.
The thoughts of ten thousand years occur in a single moment.

Translated by Bart Marshall


When it really hits you there’s no one home as a somebody, and never has been, all that yippee yummy business of emptiness might just scare your socks off—until you get acclimated to actually being it.

Mike Snider


When the body dies,
the world dies with it.
Awareness remains ever-present.
The world arises new in the Moment, as always.
Nothing is disturbed.

Bart Marshall


The sun and moon give a fragrance to you, along with the air and spirit, earth and water. For if the sun does not shine upon these bodies, they will wither and perish just like weeds or grass.

Bart Marshall


You are Self—the Solitary Witness.
You are perfect, all-pervading, One.
You are free, desireless, forever still.
The universe is but a seeming in You.

Translated by Bart Marshall

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